Top 4 Ways To Sell Your Sales Funnel

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Top 4 Ways To Sell Your Sales Funnel

how to sell your sales funnel

Are you looking forward to selling your sales funnel and increase your conversion rates? In this blog, we will walk you through everything you need to know about selling your sales funnel as a service to your clients.

Moreover, you will walk through exactly how to price your sales funnel services and mistakes to avoid to be profitable.

If you want to sell your funnels as a service or maybe your customers are asking for more help, or you are selling a lot of digital marketing services, and you want to specify down into funnels. If you want to know how much to charge from a marketing funnel, that’s what we will be explaining here.

Whether you want to sell funnels to your customers or you are looking to sell new services to them, you may be doing digital marketing, social media, specific ads.

The struggle could be to sell a five or a six-figure funnel. There seems to be a big hurdle of just being able to overcome the initial sale and get to grips with customers and close a deal. So, let’s discuss some thumb rules of selling a sales funnel.


  1. Don’t talk about funnels to your customers 

The biggest mistake businesses may do by starting to talk to the customers about the sales funnels.

A funnel is a feature, and your customers don’t buy features. It’s a bit like when you are selling a car sitting down with the customers, and you are selling them engines, air conditioners, tires, seats.

That’s not what your customers are buying; those are the individual components.

Customers are not just purchasing a car; they have comfort and security with it. All together, they are buying benefits for themselves rather than features. So you need to sell the superior version of your services. 

  1. Focus on an individual process

Just focus on an individual part of the process you enjoy delivering to your customers.

People often become overwhelmed when they have a lot of options available such as cold & warm traffic, email subscribers, social media subscribers, list building, landing pages, thank you pages, videos, blogs, and so on.

A good idea to understand what you want to focus more on is to ask yourself what do you want to learn more about.

Just because you love learning more about it doesn’t make it less valuable. For instance, you prefer working on creating Social media channels for businesses so that they can grow a follower list, that’s a part of your funnel process. 

It’s all about focusing on one conversion, something like you help new social media channels to attract users who aren’t followers and turn them into followers of the channel.

Once you build a relationship with the customers, then begin to sell other products and services to people who are already your customers. Doing it another way around could be quite expensive and takes a long time.

  1. Sell to a specific audience

It’s essential to create a niche, but a lot of people get confused about what the niche is.

A small business isn’t a niche, and service businesses are not a niche, those businesses are markets. Niche is something you turn your businesses into; it’s something you create yourself.

For example, you decide to focus on Facebook ads to gain warm audiences. Who benefits from all that? Maybe Authors. You can take authors who are going to write their next book, and you can use Facebook ads to help them sell their first 100,000 copies in the first 3 months after the launch.

You can get a lot more success by focusing on a specific group of audience and specific niche instead of trying to offer everything to everyone.

  1. Determine the price

Once you are done with all the processes, your job now is to determine how many of these projects do you want to do in a year.

Just decide the amount that you want to make per funnel and the charges for each customer.

And the right out underneath that price, write down what you are going to deliver for that determined price.

You can try with a small amount, but the goal shouldn’t drop below the five-figure price.

If possible, compare your charges with your contenders delivering the same services, but don’t follow what others are doing.

Do what everyone isn’t doing, give yourself a massive advantage in the market. 

Whatever you are delivering for the determined price, it doesn’t need to be the creative or the design. It could be training, affiliate product selling, helping customers set up their website that includes hosting. That’s when you start selling to your audience.


At Last,

Now that you have followed all the plans and processes, you need to go out and find customers.

You can do this by writing a long-form blog post about your process and what you do to help people achieve their goals whatever it might be. These long-form blog posts help to position your business when you are new to a market.

You don’t need to have a portfolio. You have to share your blog with as many people as possible.

The aim is to tell people who you work with rather than explaining what you do. What you do is not as powerful as who you work with.

So get ready and start selling your sales funnel.

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