7 Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement In 2021

Let us discuss what is facebook engagement

Facebook Engagement is any action someone takes on your post.

Likes, Comments, Clicks, Shares, Video views and so on will count as engagement.

Here are the hacks in details

1. Boost your content:

If you want to increase your Facebook Engagement, you need to boost your posts.

Facebook prioritizes posts with friends and family over business content.

Facebook isn’t hurting for content anymore. Instead its the businesses that are hurting for attention.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money boosting your posts. Budget of 5 USD should be good to go.

You actually increase your organic reach through increasing your engagement.

If you boost your posts and everyone loves it, Facebook is more likely to show your post to them again, next time you make a new post.

Save yourself from low engagement by milking the Facebook algorithm by boosting your post.

2. Create Engage Worthy Content:

Facebook prioritizes post that sparks conversations and meaningful interaction with people.

You need to post content that pertains to the interest and goals of your audience.

You need a hook that speaks to people interests.

You need a message that is authentic and relevant.

You need eye-catching images and videos.

3. Get people talking:

You need to have posts that get people talking. This will increase engagement on Facebook.

You can ask questions with simple answers or comparisons questions in your content.

You need to be authentic and relevant to your audience as well.

4. Interact with your followers:

Your interaction and responses will contribute to your posts overall engagement.

It may also encourage for further dialog or discussion leading to additional engagement on Facebook post.

Interact with the people who are engaging with you and you need to build authentic relationships with your audience.

5. Avoid Fishing For Engagement:

Facebook hates posts that ask for engagement because you just want engagement on your posts.

Make your content so irresistible so that people hit that like button or engage with your content.

6. Post more often:

You are likely to get more engagement from posting 5 times per week than you would if you post 1 time per week.

Make sure that you are posting frequently and consistently.

Craft your content carefully, choose a schedule that allows you to do this as consistently as possible.

7. Post Native Content and Keep People On Facebook.

Facebook Business Model is based on people spending as much time on their platform as possible.

It is already proven that native content performs best in Facebook algorithm.

Let us discuss what is native content:

Native Content is content that is created solely for the purpose of the platform it is consumed on.

If you have video content, you should upload your video directly on the Facebook platform.

You can also take the major takeaways of your article and split it into the series of social media posts.

Bonus Hack:

Use Video: Facebook wants to keep people on their platform as long as possible.

The longer, they can keep you on Facebook, the more ads they can share and make money.

Use animated or stock video clips to supplement your posts.

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