6 Simple Steps To Make Money On YouTube

6 Simple Steps To Make Money On YouTube

I am going to discuss the 6 easy steps to make money on YouTube

1.  Set up your channel for success

a.  Choose the right niche

b. Start a channel in a niche that you want to learn about or start a channel in something that you have experience in.

c. Do Market Research: 

Go to YouTube, search for your niche, make sure your videos should come up with atleast 100,000 views.

d. Choose a name

e. Start your channel

f. Optimize the settings

g. Create a logo and channel art

2. Find the content that people need.

Use searching and surging technique on every single channel when you start.

You need list of video ideas.

Use tool called as VIDIQ (Paid).

Use the keyword research option. Identify the keywords that are getting the most amount of searches with least amount of competition.

Use tool like ubersuggest (Free)

Go to Youtube, search your niche, filter the results by the

 that are getting maximum views uploaded in the past month.  It’s all about identifying the popular videos.

3. Generate the content

It’s something called as niche channels. Niche channels are channels that simply have a voice over in the background of the videos showing videos they didn’t even make.

It is highly recommended to write scripts for your videos. You can use Google Docs to write your script. You can use tool such as copyscape to check the uniqueness of the content.

You can create slide shows with Google Slides, PowerPoint and you can use stock clips from pixabay.com and pexels.com

You can use a completely Free Video Editor like openshot as well.

Use Youtube Audio Library which provides tons of Free Music.

4. Upload and Optimize

You need a content schedule

Your schedule needs to be consistent.

Always make the schedule less than your production output.

For example: If you can make 2 videos a day, then upload only 1 video a day on your channel.

The key is to build a backlog of videos.

Use Youtube Build in scheduling tool for uploading the video on the particular date.

Make sure that your videos are property optimized.

Use VIDIQ tool to find the best keywords for your title, description and tags.

Use Google Chrome Extension social blade to see what tags are your competitors using.

5. Getting traffic:

Choose just one traffic source and go all in for it.

Use the consecutive content technique.

Make series of videos about the similar topics. All the videos across the similar topics should have similar keywords.

Your video can go inside the viewer feedback loop with this technique.

You only need a little bit of search traffic to get tons of watch time.

All the videos across your YouTube channel should be about the same thing.

6. Monetize and make money

You can get monetized directly on YouTube with YouTube Partner Program.

You need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time which is a basic criteria.

You can make money with affiliate marketing as well as with digital products.

You need to put multiple ad breaks throughout your videos.

Produce videos that are atleast 8 minutes long.

Put affiliate links in the description of your videos

Reference links: digistore24.com


Amazon Affiliate Program

Digital Products: Favourite type in online courses are udemy and teachable which are the finest platform to sell digital products.

Make sure your videos has good thumbnails. You can use tools like paint.net, Canva or snapper.

The A/O Technique: ( Analyzing/Optimizing)

See what’s working on your channel.

(Double down on whats working)

(Cut down on what is not working)

60 percent should be the watch time and audience retention

You need to get 6 percent click through rate.

Tubebuddy would be of great help.

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