6 Proven Methods For Creating Better Conversion Funnels

6 Proven Methods For Creating Better Conversion Funnels

Getting more qualified leads to fill your sales funnels may sound right to you. But How?


The answer is – Build better conversion funnels!

You need to have a solid conversion funnel for every single product and service that you sell and offer.

A lot of brands try driving traffic to their one main website homepage or a primary category page.

And they don’t theme it out all way down to the individual service or product level. And that’s what needs to happen to succeed.

In this post, we will break down Six tips for you on how you can build an excellent conversion funnel for your brand.


1. Avoid Doing Everything at Once


Set the priorities for your best services and products and start there. The key is, begin with a single conversion funnel, get that right, and then build another for the next product. Think of it in terms of beginning phases – where do you want to be visible in the first place to get people into your funnel.

This tip is also about your visibility, think of where your customers live and where they spend their time i.e., the various social media platforms. Furthermore, research for the things they are searching for and the type of people they are, plus how would you get there.

Altogether, the fundamental aspect is, you have to increase your visibility to get people aware of you. That will help them enter your conversion funnel in the first place.


2. Be Careful of the Scrap Entering Your Conversion Funnel


If anything unwanted is entering your funnel, it won’t be performing as it’s supposed to be. Maybe, it’s doesn’t mean your funnel is poor. It may depict that some sparse traffic is entering your funnel.

So, what you have to do is focus on what is visible to you, what do those people want to see when they will enter your funnel. Make it clear whether it’s a call to action (CTA).

That’s very concise as well as appropriate for that relevant audience so that they enter your funnel. Just make it clear that they don’t come where it doesn’t make sense for them.

For instance, if you are offering something for free, that might get the audience into your funnel. But maybe it’s not the traffic you want, or perhaps you want to make it free, but you’re offering seven days trials, or there’s an additional charge for some added features.

You may be doing it just to avoid the wasted clicks on your website. So, think about what your audience wants at the end of the day. Ensure that you deliver that in your funnel, and it will make you see a spike in conversion rate.


3. Build a Landing Page that Converts


A landing page is where it starts with the conversion funnel. When any visitor sees you on your social media page, what they see is your CTA that you have thought hard about.

When they click on the CTA, that’s when they enter your funnel i.e., your landing page. You need to make your landing page concise and ensure that it lines up with what your audience saw on the ads.

If the ad copy matches up with the landing page copy, you will notice an increased conversion rate. Just provide your audience with what they want at the end of the day from your brand.

Your landing page should be designed like that. They don’t need to scroll down multiple times. The path should be clear when they move further down the page. In short, that call to action should take them to the next step without any confusion.


4. Include Your Social Presence on the Landing Page


On your landing page, include your social proof or trust badges. It will help you build some confidence amongst your audience to go to the next step of your conversion funnel.

You can include the number of ratings, testimonials, reviews, plus affiliations and awards you won over the years. You can also include the number of followers you have on your social media accounts. All these little things add so much to build trust in the user’s mind to take the next step.


5. Retarget Your Visitors


Not every visitor is going to enter your funnel and reach the end and convert into a lead. That doesn’t mean it’s not good traffic; it can also mean that they got interrupted while they entered the conversion funnel or they weren’t ready to buy at that moment or any other reason. So, the key to get qualified leads is to retarget your audience.

Always track your visitors who enter your funnel and build targeted, relevant, retargeted campaigns that depict some follow-up advertisements on different social networks and across the internet. So, whenever they decide to buy, you must be the brand that comes in their mind first.


6. Always Follow-up


When somebody shows interest in your brand, make sure you’re following up with them. You can enter them into your CRM database and follow-up through automated emails.

For example, someone visits your landing page and ends up filling the inquiry form. What you can do is enable an automated Thank You email right away that say you will get back to them within 24 hours.

Contact them within the given time and keep following up. If you could close just 10% of your leads, it will make a massive difference in your revenue.


Adding Up,


Just converting your leads into customers isn’t enough. A thank you is what can have an extra edge. After you complete the work and you hand-over the product to your customers, ask for a review.

The reviews can create a positive experience for your brand, and it will help you bring more business for the future.

Even their word of mouth can do wonders for you.

Also, don’t forget to research your competitors and check what can work for your brand.

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