3 Ways To Create Sales Funnel On Facebook

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3 Ways To Create Sales Funnel On Facebook

Facebook Sales Funnels

Let’s say that you love traveling, and you see a Facebook ad for various travel essentials. You find that ad interesting, but you aren’t familiar with the brand, and you don’t actually need them. Will you buy it? Maybe not.

But then there’s another ad a week later, and this time you click. There are various great reviews. But it’s still not needed. A week later, you see the exact product and type you were looking for. It’s available with a 20% discount and free shipping. You will make a purchase.

Many small businesses will run a single ad campaign, and those businesses don’t see the desired results. They pause it within a week or a month because they aren’t convinced by the money they spend.

That’s where Facebook sales funnel works. Facebook funnels work towards creating relationships with users until they convert into buyers. In this post, I am going to give you an explanation of how to build sales funnel using Facebook.

A Facebook Sales Funnel


A Facebook sales funnel consists of marketing touchpoints created to support users through a digital sales funnel, where they convert from researching about your brand to buying it.

For example, the initial Facebook ad will introduce users to your product, and the next one will intent to generate leads or comprehensive product promotion.

However, users will seldom buy a product initially after seeing the ad. But your series of Facebook ads will slowly build a relationship, brand awareness, and trust.

Sales funnels on Facebook will help you capture new users and engage previous customers, plus everything in between.


Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel


Creating a sales funnel is a simple yet powerful concept. Here, we have tried to make you understand the process of Facebook Sales Funnel in a more straightforward way possible. Follow the 3-step process and start gaining your customers through this powerful social platform

1. Post an Eye-catching Content

The moments your users see the content you post, and it should catch their attention.

It should make them look for the second time. It just doesn’t have to be an image, and you can post gifs, a short video.

Just use your creativity; that’s what marketing is all about. You use your inventiveness to make people go “WOW” like you want to surprise them. People are usually drawn to beautiful things, that’s human nature.

For example, you can use some small introductory-styled videos or teasers.

Create short videos that will give your viewers some minor information about your brand or product. You can link that video to your website so that it can help them check out more if they’re interested.

2. Offer Something for Extreme Value

You can create a lead magnet. It can be a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free eBook, PDF checklist, whitepaper, report, or a video. It helps you show your customers that you are not just trying to take their money.

Also, with this, you can position yourself as an industry expert.

On Facebook, once you catch the attention of your target audience with your eye-catching content, they have to click on something to get something of great value.

Again taking an example of makeup, “Click here to find out the secrets of doing makeup like a pro with just three products.” Why would a makeup enthusiast like to click on that link? It makes them curious to know how just three makeup products can help you get ready.

When they click on it, it takes them to a page where they fill in their name and email.

They click a button and immediately receive that blog, and you get their contact details.

But remember, don’t spam their inbox with daily emails, it can have a negative impact on your brand.

Provide customers a value whether they are the right prospect for you or not, that’s fine. Keep providing them great content.

3. Engagement and Trust are the Keys

After the users download what you provided to them, it should automatically take them to a landing page.

The landing page should depict something like Hey! Get some more makeup tips here?

Read what the makeup experts have to say? They will click it, and now they are on the Facebook page they just joined, and every single day you will provide them with some value addition on their Facebook page, so they can see it, get insights from it.

When they comment, respond, and engage, get to know them else hire people to do it for you and with you.

As a result, you will build a healthy relationship and feel connected. If your audience loves what you do, you are almost there. When you treat your customers like gold, they will treat you well.


Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for growth in your sales process.

When you use them strategically to foster relationships with your potential buyer, Facebook Ads become even more robust.

Similarly, creating sales funnels on Facebook will be proven as more effective and useful investments while you plan to convert your cold audiences into qualified leads and then to buyers. So, take extra time and set them up. The time is worth it.

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